World’s Pioneers of the Membrane Structures

Taiyo Kogyo Indonesia

PT Taiyo Kogyo Indonesia is a subsidiary of Taiyo Kogyo Corporation (Japan), the market leader in design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom fabric structures for a variety of applications. Based on our experiences over 90 years in tensile membrane, we combine architectural designs with engineering solutions, ensuring your project quality to be world's best.

Our worldwide portfolio of projects showcases a wide range of shade sails, membrane structures and fabric architecture in Indonesia and internationally with a project portfolio that includes stadiums, amphitheatres, walkways, architectural carpark shade, hail net and vehicle protection, retail, commercial, health and education facilities.

“AP-450” is an environmentally friendly membrane material with two new functions, “antifouling” and “air purification”, added to the features of the conventional PTFE membrane, high strength and high durability.

You can contribute to the environmental by simply adopting this material in the roofs and walls of various facilities such as transportation and sports. The material will decompose and remove NOx in the atmosphere and purifies the surrounding air. 

Reduce costs and increase speed for product storage with Flexhouse flexible membrane structures warehouses, Heavy Duty Rack, Quick Sheet Shutter, Swing Door, and semi-auto Sliding Door.

MAK QUICK SHELTER is “Air Inflatable Tent” for natural disaster and medical emergency care. Easy and fast deployment in event of disaster relief.

In the midst of calls for reductions in construction and logistics costs, Taiyo Kogyo offers a rental system for tent warehouses. (You can rent from the shortest one month) It is very reasonable and economical because you can rent as many as you need. In addition, construction and removal can be done in just one or two days and can be done in a short period of time. This is a proposal for a new tent warehouse usage method that avoids excessive capital investment by companies.